Sermons – Old

Sermons – Old

Heavenly Activity

February 21, 2016
The activity of God’s people features the sharing of joys and concerns towards the end of intercessory prayer and mutual encouragement.
Prayer is conversation with God who opens doors and gives us wisdom so we can effectively fulfill the sharing of the gospel with outsiders.

God changes the human heart by appealing to the senses concerning His compassion and abounding love.

Zacchaeus Is Found

July 26, 2015
Those who have been found by Jesus follow His example along the way in life by bringing His Good News to those who are lost.
To the exclusion of anything or anyone else, those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength.

Cleaning House

July 12, 2015
God can do great things through sinful human agents who, despite the surrounding culture, demonstrate unrestrained loyalty to Him.
Entrance into the Kingdom of God occurs when the questions of our mind get answered in our hearts by Jesus Christ.
Though trouble and death are part of everyone’s life, all who are wise in God’s eyes will rise to receive an eternal inheritance.

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