Jesus is our role model in how to fulfill the fifth commandment. The New Testament gives several stories of how Jesus honored his parents, in particular, Mary, his mother, even…
Honoring our parents is commanded by God in the Fifth Commandment. A healthy society is one that cares for its elders and that is especially important in 2020 with the…

Respecting the Promise Keeper

February 23, 2020

Wrestling Match

February 2, 2020

The Essence of Art

January 12, 2020
King David in Psalm 27 understands that God is sovereign and victorious over our troubles, enemies, and circumstances.

Effective and Productive

January 5, 2020
Because of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, our identity as God's children is secure. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can obediently live out our…
In the third commandment, we are told to be very careful with the name of the Lord. Kerry Luddy explores why honoring His name is so important and the ways…

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