The Second Commandment states that we shall not worship any other god but Yahweh. Within forty days of receiving and agreeing to the commandments, the Hebrews broke at least the…
The First Commandment is foundational to faith and certainly to the rest of the commandments. With this commandment and the following three, God is particularizing a people for a special…
We need to look at own weaknesses before judging another's and to refrain from giving advice--trust that God is at work in that person and love them as you gently…

Foundation of Blessing

October 13, 2019
To experience the fullness of God's blessings, we must be living our lives His way, instead of going our own way.

The Space Matters

September 29, 2019
Our God is a God of means, power, and hope. We can trust him for our salvation, our provision, and for what it is to come.

Ten Words

September 22, 2019
Are the Ten Commandments relevant for today? Should Christians really pay attention to the Old Testament? Kerry Luddy begins a series on the Ten Commandments.

Building the Lord a House

September 15, 2019

A Rudder and an Anchor

July 22, 2018

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